Sermons on Family

Sermons on Family

A Fathers Love

What is a Fathers Love Fathers have a reputation Dad jokes Dad clothes Dad anger Dad  yelling Dad jerk What it is not: Looking the other way 1 Sam 2:12-17 The sins of children Greed Pride No care for the Lord The sins of the Father 1 Sam 2:22-25 Looking the other way No Discipline Not Showing them the truth What it is not: Favoritism Gen 37:3-4 The sins of the Children Pride Hatred Bitterness The sins of the father…

Caleb A Example of Faith

A soldier’s life, a solders example, Going against the grain num 13:26-33 Seeing the problem 32-33 Knowing the solution 14:6-9 When you feel you are alone 14:10 You are never alone Standing for what is right You might lose the battle Paying the priceTh e cost for other actions 14:23 You are not immune Staying faithful, long-term All faith but 2 Gods blessing amidst the punishment Land num 14:24, Longevity Joshua 14:10-11 A faithful life A promise made josh 14:12…

The Hand That Rocks The Cradel

The hand the rocks the cradle is the hard that rules the world -A bad example Gen 27:1-17          Jacob and his mother                  Lie                  Steal                  Cheat -A good example 1 Sam 1          -Samuel and his mother                  Faith                  Trust                  Obedience – A solid support          Husbands col 3:19                  Love          Children Col 3:20                  Obedience          Friends Ecc 4:12                  Support

Praise Team Cantata

Christmas IN SOng This year our new praise team led us in worship through song.  It was a wonderful time to focus on our Lord through beautiful music.

Youth Christmas Pogram

Objects in Christmas Are Closer Than They Appear Every year the youth of the church put on a Christmas program and this year was no different.  This year we looked at the real reason for Christmas, not the commercialization or selfishness but Love.

How Did They Miss It?

How Did They Miss It? We as humans we are forgetful Birthdays Anniversary’s To help us remember we have Calendars Reminders Notes E mails But even then, we still forget special days Today we will look at how Israel and their forgetfulness   The missed appointment Who The Birth of Christ Where Bethlehem How Virgin The Reminders The first reminders Gen 3:15 The Prophets Isaiah 7:14 Matt 1:18 Micah 5:2 Matt 2:5 Jeremiah 31:15 Matt 2:16 Hosea 11:1 Matt 2:15 The…

A Foretaste of Christmas

A Foretaste of Christmas The set up 2:15-17 A place to live Gen 2:15a A job to do 2:15b A rule to follow 2:16-17 What you can do 16 What you can’t to 17a The consequences 17b The relationship A special creation 2:7 A special home 2:8 A special relationship 3:8 The problem The antagonist Gen 3:1-2 The Lie Eves Lie 3:3 Serpents lie 3:4-5 The choice 3:6 Eves Choice Picked it Adams Choice Received it The consequence Humans Eyes…


Transformers Rom 12:1-2 How to live for God in a Godless World Intro Optical illusions are great, a few years ago social media blew up over a dress, depending on who you asked they would say the dress was black and blue or gold and white.  Social media was taken over by people debating on the colors of the dress, according to the manufacturer the dress color is Black and blue.   In the 90’s the “magic pictures” where everywhere you…