A Deeper Look At Christmas

A Deeper Look At Christmas

These few sermons take a deeper look at Christmas. Many of what we think we know about Christmas might not be accurate or Biblical. Come and join us as we look at Christmas.

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service

The Christmas Story The night before Christmas our Church took some time to read the Christmas Story and sing Hymns that went along with the story.  We finished the night with communion and the traditional hymn Silent Night.

Praise Team Cantata

Christmas IN SOng This year our new praise team led us in worship through song.  It was a wonderful time to focus on our Lord through beautiful music.

Youth Christmas Pogram

Objects in Christmas Are Closer Than They Appear Every year the youth of the church put on a Christmas program and this year was no different.  This year we looked at the real reason for Christmas, not the commercialization or selfishness but Love.

Facts About Christmas

Facts about Christmas   When was the birth of Christ Facts The Census The date of the Quirinian census mentioned in Josephus is also fixed, since it is dated in the thirty-seventh year after the defeat of Antony at Actium in 31 b.c. Thirty-seven years after 31 b.c. is a.d. 6. Herod the great was the ruler Herod Died 4bc The Birth of Christ 6-4BC AD/BC The Anno Domini dating system was devised in 525 by Dionysius Exiguus not used…

How Did They Miss It?

How Did They Miss It? We as humans we are forgetful Birthdays Anniversary’s To help us remember we have Calendars Reminders Notes E mails But even then, we still forget special days Today we will look at how Israel and their forgetfulness   The missed appointment Who The Birth of Christ Where Bethlehem How Virgin The Reminders The first reminders Gen 3:15 The Prophets Isaiah 7:14 Matt 1:18 Micah 5:2 Matt 2:5 Jeremiah 31:15 Matt 2:16 Hosea 11:1 Matt 2:15 The…

A Foretaste of Christmas

A Foretaste of Christmas The set up 2:15-17 A place to live Gen 2:15a A job to do 2:15b A rule to follow 2:16-17 What you can do 16 What you can’t to 17a The consequences 17b The relationship A special creation 2:7 A special home 2:8 A special relationship 3:8 The problem The antagonist Gen 3:1-2 The Lie Eves Lie 3:3 Serpents lie 3:4-5 The choice 3:6 Eves Choice Picked it Adams Choice Received it The consequence Humans Eyes…