The Word Of God

The Word Of God

Theology is the foundation that our faith is built on and the cornerstone of that foundation bibliology. Having a clear understanding of them is key. For from the Bible we get all that we need to live a life pleasing to God and all the information about God.
In these 4 messages I try to take a brief look at the Bible and deepen our love and understand of the Word of God

The Bible Facts #1

The Examples 2 Tim (3:10-13) Paul 10-11a The teaching of Paul The life of Paul The Faith of Paul The Method of Paul Paul’s Warning 11b- 12 Our Help Rom 8:38 Persecutions Afflictions The Imposter 13 2 Tim 3:2-9   The Charge 14-15 A Process Learn Apply The Reason Who was the teacher The source material   Paul’s Conclusion Summery Not only are “the sacred writings” (verse 15) of inestimable value; so is also “all scripture.” Not only does this…

The Bible Facts

The Bible Facts   Who wrote the Bible? 40 different authors How many books are in the bible? 66 Old 39 New 27 What languages where used? Greek Aramaic Hebrew What literary styles were used? Narrative, Analogy Epistle Poetry Wisdom Literature How long did it take to write the bible? 2000 years How did we get the bible? Written by a recognized prophet or apostle Written by those associated with recognized prophet or apostle Truthfulness (Deut. 18:20-22) Faithfulness to previously…

The Power of The Word of God

The Power of the word of God How it is used Preached Luke 5:1 Taught Acts 4:31 Received Acts 8:14 Given Acts 8:25 What it claims to be Holy Rom 1:2 Authoritative 2 Time 3:16-17 Sufficient Isa 55:11 Inerrant Ps 12:6   What is its attributes Active Heb 4:12 Certain Luke 16:17 Powerful 1 Cor 1:18 Sanctifying John 17:17 Nourishing 1 Peter 2:2 It’s Authority 2 Peter 1:20-21 What a person thinks about The Bible in reality reflects what a…